MMAG Community Outreach

MMAG Winter Clothing Drive

Free was the active word that MMAG was looking for after researching all the places in the greater Lansing area that offer things to people at low cost or through coupons – but FREE would be even better!

Members brought bags of things to meetings from October through December to help the Homeless Angels disburse these needed items.

MMAG President, Bobbie Margolis’ SUV was fully loaded from front to back with coats, scarves, shoes, boots, food house hold items, and other clothing to be given to the homeless and people in need for FREE!

MMAG hopes to do the very same thing in the spring, with food, clothing, shoes, and house hold items as well.

MMAG had previously donated art work to the Homeless Angles hotel, located off of Lansing Rd. at the former Burchwood Inn, who now have storage facility nearby.

Thank you so much to all the members who helped bring this to fruition. The folks at the hotel were very grateful!

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