About MMAG

The Mid-Michigan Art Guild was founded June 13, 1951, to promote art instruction, provide exhibitions, and create social events for its members. It continues to provide information about the creation, display, and sale of fine art and photography, and encourages artists in all of Michigan in the expression, appreciation, and enjoyment of art.

Board of Directors

Currently serving on our Board are (2020-2021):

Executive Board:
President: Lisabeth Curnow
Vice-President: Nanette Mathe
Treasurer: Diana Popp
Acting Secretary: Nanette Mathe

Arlene Bragg: Hospitality/Social Events Committee
Deb Drew Brown: Judging Committee
Andee Jeris: Member Communication
Chris McRae: Membership Committee
: Outreach/Media Committee
Jane Cloutier:  Website Coordinator

The MMAG Bylaws are in place for members and all interested parties of the MMAG.