The White Show – All Member Winter Show

The White  Show
Keys to Creativity 5746 W Saginaw Hwy, Lansing, MI 48917


Sorry (it’s crazy) but the Keys Gallery lease ends at the end of the month (on the Event Gallery side of the gallery) and the LANSING MALL is shuttering that space on March 1st so…2 Options:
Option 1:  Pick up your art on Thursday, Feb 28 from 1–9 pm. 
If you do not it will be moved to the Community Gallery side right next to it. (see option 2)
Option 2:  Pick up your art on Friday, March 1 from 3:30–5:30 pm. in Keys to Creativity Community Gallery (next to the event gallery).
If you cannot come at either of these times, please make arrangements for someone to pick up your piece. Keys Gallery is closing and we cannot be responsible for what happens to your work.

This show will remain on exhibit through February 28th.

The artists who were recognized for their outstanding pieces include:

FIRST PLACE: “Snowy Evening” by Melinda Pope: Look at the power of these elegant silhouettes of the tree and the deer! Powerful use of negative space. Excellent depth-of-field. An elegant balance to an asymmetrical composition. Absolutely pleasing color range. All contribute to a pleasant interpretation of White.

SECOND PLACE: “Little Snowy Egret at Red Tide” by Stephanie Gregg: An exciting juxtaposition of a fairly chaotic and rich background with a powerful focal point… look at those black black legs engaging with the white white body of the bird! Way to point out the power of White in a painting! Love the layered texture and complexity of the background—it is very evenly developed so that all of those individual elements become a nice loose background of juicy color.

THIRD PLACE: “Midwinter Rest” by Suzanne Hunt: The White season in all its beauty. A technically capable scene brought that import step further by powerful depth of field, a great composition and masterful color choice. You really caught my attention with the shadow coming into the picture frame from the left. I enjoyed how you left the foreground nice and empty, allowing my eye to easily move into the middle ground and back to the base of the blue range beyond.

AWARDS OF EXCELLENCE (formerly called Honorable Mentions):

“White Horse Study” by Michelle Detering: White on white on white. An engaging “regard” from those eyes to my eyes. Love the background, love the texture. Photography that is elegant and shows the photographer brought a lot of skill to the image.

“My Indoor Patio Garden” by Bobbie Margolis: The White center of this collage painting is its very heart. Everything in this supports this warm light center. Here White is Light… it is warmth…it is love and comfort. Those big bountiful blooms at the base lead you right in.

“White on White”? By Joy Schroeder: The question mark in the title says so much. The very last layer is NOT white. It is key to making the White layers even MORE white. Love the texture, the layers, and the presentation.

“By Any Other Name” by Andrea Jeris: The relationship between the whites in the roses and the dark cupped shapes of the bowls is poetic.

“Spring Beauty” by Young-Shill Roberts: A watercolor with daring selection of background color. So often we don’t take our darks dark enough—this painting HAS! Well done. This darkness certainly plays up the translucent ethereal beauty of the white blossoms.

The show continues through the end of Feb.

Gallery hours: Fri & Sat noon to 9 pm; Sun noon to 6 pm.