Spring Member Show 2023 – Results


Neighborhood Empowerment Center (NEC), 600 W Maple, Lansing. 

At the MMAG Spring Show Judge Marti Liddle-Lameti awarded the following:

1st Place, “Light Persists” by Lisabeth Curnow
2nd Place, “Green City of the Future” by Lucy Synk
3rd Place, “Sara” by Young-Shill Roberts

Awards of Excellence
“It Ain’t Easy Being Violet, Either” by Thomas Nelson
“Heed the Call” by John Diephouse
“Strength Lies in Difference, Not Similarities” Bobbie Margolis
“Promise” by Jane Cloutier
“Mossy Creek” by Jennifer Wilson

Certificates of Merit
“Eat Prey…No Love” by Deb Drew Brown
“Autumn at LaTourell Falls” by John Gregg
“With a Little Help From my Friends” by Sue Wittick
“Sunset on a Tree Lined Path” by Angela DeVries
“After the Rain” by Melinda Pope

Judge’s Choice Award
 “It Ain’t Easy Being Violet, Either” by Tom Nelson
Congratulations to all the award winners!
This show runs until July 11. 
Pick up art on July 12 from 3–5 PM.