Spring Member Show 2022 – Results

MMAG Spring Membership Show  
April 13 – June 30, 2022, at Neighborhood Empowerment Center (NEC), 600 W Maple, Lansing

  • Pick up – Thursday, June 30 from 3–5 pm at NEC
Congratulations to all the winners!

Judged by Rhonda Sherwin

Comments of the show in general: “Overall, I enjoyed the variety in this professionally displayed group show.”

FIRST PLACE: Flower Arrangement” by Glen Lewis

Comments: “The scale and confident use of color and brushwork were evident, setting this art work apart. Captivating color and texture.”

SECOND PLACE: Red Sky” by Susan Smith

Comments: “The transparent and vibrant color from the art resin and alcohol inks are a winning combination of mixed paper and imagery.”

THIRD PLACE: The Music Inside Us-CAT” by Steph Joy

Comments: “Quirky and memorable combination of mixed paper and imagery.”

AWARDS OF EXCELLENCE [4—in no particular order]:

Painted Shadows” by Melinda Pope

Comments: “Contrast of hard edge and soft color combine to create an interesting mood.”



By the Light of the Moon” by Bobbie Margolis
Comments: “Luxurious color highlighted by the fabric layers.”

Alone in Beauty” by Deb Drew Brown

Comments: “This photograph captures a vibrant moment of light and color.”

Hands of Time” by David Annis

Comments: “Interesting overlapping of figures creating movement. Color enhances theme.”

CERTIFICATES OF MERIT [5—in no particular order]

Send in the Flowers” by Dianna Popp

Comments: “Joyful color and playful use of line.”

Slender Sparkles” by Lee Kronenberg

Comments: “Wonderful pattern enhanced with the variety of metals and skilled construction.”

Silent Passage” by Tom Nelson

Comments: “Technical use of paint and color realistically capture landscape very successfully.”

Blue Vase with Grasses” by Jane Cloutier

Comments: “Complex layering and registration.”

Barn Wood” by John Kroneman

Comments: “Moody abstraction of an interior space.”