Spring Member Show 2021 – Results

Spring Member Show 2021 – Results

This show runs from April 2021 – July 8, 2021 at the Neighborhood Empowerment Center, 600 W. Maple, Lansing Michigan.  

If you are interested in purchasing any of the artwork seen here, please send an email to midmichiganartguild@gmail.com.

  • Spartan Clock (fully licensed)
  • Mirror, Mirror by Nancy Kronenberg
  • Summer Dream by Stephanie Gregg
  • Dragonfly and Lotus by Jill Campbell-Mason
  • Singular Beauty by Deb Drew Brown
  • After the Storm by Doug Smith
  • Cyclamen Leaf by Jane Cloutier
  • Girl with her Kittens by Bobbie Margolis
  • Free Spirit by Jennifer Ross
  • Reclamation by Melinda Pope
  • Looking Up by Diane Sanderson
  • Green Door by Lisabeth Curnow
  • Missing You, Missing Normal by Arlene Bragg
  • Pudgy Planet by Steph Joy Hogan
  • Jazz Hands by John Diephouse
  • Favorite Southwest Things by Carolyn Texera
  • Good Morning by Andrea Jeris
  • Spring Evening by Katerie Prior
  • Crowding the Ball by Young-Shill Roberts
  • Old and Rusty by Juanita Baldwin
  • Pomegranite by Lucy Synk
  • l'Etirage by Jamie Anthony
  • Frenetic Landscape by Patricia Staley
  • The Kind Woman by Katherine Erickson
  • Door by Nanette Mathe
  • No. 53 by Diana Popp
  • New Beginnings by Maureen Ryan
  • Interstellar Disruption by Sue Wittick
  • Fantasy Garden II by Susan Smith

MMAG Spring Art Show 2021—Congratulations to all the winners!

Judge: Barb Hranilovich

1st Place  – Arlene Bragg for “ Missing You, Missing Normal”

2nd Place – Katerie Prior for “Spring Evening”

3rd Place – John Diephouse for “Jazz Hands”

Awards of Excellence:

Maureen Ryan – “New Beginnings”

Melinda Pope – “Reclamation”

Doug Smith – “ After the Storm”

Jane Cloutier – “Cyclamen”

Lucy Synk – “Pomegranate”

Merit Awards:

Saralee Howard – “Afflicted”

Jill Campbell-Mason “Dragonfly and Lotus”

Stephanie Hogan – “Pudgy Planet”

Lisabeth Curnow – “Green Door”

Judge’s Notes – Impression of the show:

Enjoyed the range of media and personalities. People are experimenting and clearly having fun. In some cases technique overrides the whole—still need to control values and composition. The artist is in charge of the viewer’s experience with the piece—to get engagement the artwork must make the viewer feel some connection to the space, surface, or figure. Several pieces are riding on the cusp of a more powerful experience. I know there is a wide range of experience here, so I hope these comments are understood as helpful feedback, not criticism. The show is quite fun and offers visitors a lively array of work and food for the eye. Thanks for offering me the opportunity to dive deep with your work.
First Place: Arlene Bragg for “Missing You, Missing Normal” This is the one piece that touched my heart and drew me back for the emotional experience. The view from behind adds to the isolation. The fold of the arms directs the eye to the stark profile. The dark values and greater detail by the eye area and the diagonal of he glasses frame ensure that we see and read her expression. I would leave out the thermometer—the level of detail there isn’t warranted. The cool background also helps pull the warm figure forward.
Second Place: Katerie Prior for “Spring Evening” This piece holds its own from a distance as well as close up. The play of diagonal and vertical angles offer a strong structure. Simple in contrast to detail pulls my eye into and around the space, aided by a purposeful use of value contrasts. It has a personality.
Third Place: John Diephouse for “Jazz Hands” Perfect crop to provide tension among the shapes. The mic and sax interact. Touches of purple and neutrals offset all the warms. The control of color/value guide the eye.

Awards of Excellence

Maureen Ryan for “New Beginnings” Subtle but strong palette. Control of value and shape aid the eye in moving through and around the piece in different ways. The thin line moving toward the “light” balances the larger shapes. Has a touch of Paul Klee.
Melinda Pope for “Reclamation” What could be an over abundance of information is controlled by the limited palette. The strong verticals offer structure that from a distance invites one to move close to find all the fun details.
Doug Smith for “After the Storm” Sunset photos abound but there is a strong composition and play of values and temperature contrast. The crop is dead on.
Jane Cloutier for “Cyclamen” A simple and elegant study with sophisticated control of the tints. Strong composition plays against the delicacy of the leaf details.
Lucy Synk for “Pomegranate” This is awarded for the absolute edibility of the scattered seeds—the light moving through them. I’d like it to have had a tighter crop so the fruit is not floating. More attention to the values in the shadow could also help ground the fruit. Nice limited palette. Would love to see some level of seed detail somewhere in the fruit.

Merit Awards

Saralee Howard for “Afflicted” Nice play with textures, patterns and shadows. I’d like to see one area in focus to give the eye a place to rest. . .sheep’s face? Always nice to have a concept behind the work. Focus on face details might add personality and make us care.
Jill Campbell-Mason for “Dragonfly and Lotus ”Good palette and control. It feels l “almost” like a much stronger piece. The crisp vertical stalk needs to lead to something clearly defined—give the seed pod dimension and crispness. Love the movement and freshness of the leaves and the hints of more provided in the upper right.
Stephanie Hogan for “Pudgy Planet” Whimsical but also has sophisticated control of marks and composition. Each element brings life—there’s a lot to keep the eye engaged without it being busy.
Lisabeth Curnow for “Green Door” While doors are used a lot for all they may represent, this piece has life because of the touches of light and details in the bricks—each treated individually. Nice light and introduction of an interior space through the grate over the door.