MMAG Member Show at Bestsellers – 2022 – Results

MMAG MEMBER SHOW at Bestsellers: Oct 21–Nov 21
New Venue!
Bestseller’s Extra, 360 S Jefferson St, Mason
  • Pick up – Nov 21, 3:00-5:00
Congratulations to all the winners!
MMAG Member Show at Bestsellers in Mason was judged by Pamela Wilburn who awarded the following:
1st place: “Treasure” by John Diephouse
2nd place: “Golden Light” by Andrea Jeris
3rd place: “Fragmented Equilibrium” by Jason Roberts
Awards of Excellence (in alphabetical order):
“Through a Frosty Window” by Juanita Baldwin
“Fall Time” by Rebecca Case
“Here Comes the Rain” by Lisabeth Curnow
“Fenced In” by Nancy Gray
“Mountain Stream” by Susan Smith
Certificates of Merit (in alphabetical order):
“Fabulous Jersey Giant” by Arlene Bragg
“Everything Will Be Okay” by Anita Brett
“The Vibrant Wonder of Youth” by Angela DeVries
“Ode to Summer” by Christine Hesch
“Portrait of Michael” by Carolyn Texera
The Gallerist Award – chosen by the owner and staff of Bestsellers:
“Everything Will Be Okay” by Anita Brett
ALSO – Congratulations to 
Christine Hesch and Nancy Kronenberg whose pieces have SOLD!
Reminder: Pick up for this show is Monday, November 21 from 3:00-5:00 pm.