Peggy Lovejoy   517-339-0675

Artist, Wife, Mother, Grandmother

Prior to moving to Michigan in 2006, I lived all my life in Tippecanoe County, Indiana. I was raised on a farm and loved the lazy summer days of my childhood. My imagination ran rampant as I played in the rope swing fashioned by my father and placed myself in the role of heroine in many of the stories I was encouraged to read. As I grew up, I was always drawn to color and symmetry in nature, clothing design, art and simple articles such as children’s toys.

Art has been my avocation since my early retirement after 30 plus years of working in a law firm and rearing five beautiful children. Since January of 1986, I have been blessed with my husband, Steve, an additional daughter, and ten grandchildren. My interests still include reading, sewing, gardening and golf. Reading and creating art often battle inside me for the time I have to give them.

I started art lessons as a whim and quickly found not only a passion but also an easy way to lose myself and cure all kinds of moods and ills of the heart. I have dabbled in watercolor but find that my favorite mediums are acrylic and pastel.

Since 2006, I have enjoyed meeting new people and photographing and painting the beauty of my new surroundings.

I fervently wish that those who view my work find the peace and joy in viewing it that I find in creating it.