Vicci Knowlton, MPA, JD

Linkedin:  Vicci Knowlton

Like most young artists, I was discouraged from pursuing a career in art; most likely because it would be a difficult way to earn a living. So, in the alternative, I went to school, and then college, and after that university, graduate school and finally law school. Even with all these degrees, I found little solace and fulfillment in life. Everything was so serious and there was little, if any, tolerance for “stepping outside the box”. It was only by chance, call it karma or fate, that I lost my job in 2011 and was encouraged to return to my artistic roots as a kind of therapy to cope with the upheaval which rocked my life. I was terrified. Terrified that I had forgotten everything, and terrified of failure. However, from every dark cloud comes a silver lining, at least it did for me.

As I picked up a brush and began to experiment, I found that images began to miraculously appear before my eyes on blank paper. As my paintings evolved, they mystified me. I’d wonder “how’d I do that?” thinking I could never replicate the awe-inspired project. But now I understand; there is a creative spark which comes from a force far beyond the five senses and it just somehow sneaks into a person and takes over.

As for my work, I believe my best is when I just let it happen and not try at all. For when I try, I become ego-centric, critical and judgmental which subsequently manifests perverse doubt and insecurity. It’s quite hard to “let go” of preconceived notions of structure, what it should look like. But that’s what creating is all about, letting the energy flow through you to your creation, for we are only the vessels of artistic expression.