Fall MMAG Members Show – 2019 – Results

Fall MMAG Members Show – 2019 – Results

October 9 through January 8, 2020

2019 FALL SHOW AT NEC – A beautiful show and a lovely reception!   CONGRATULATIONS to the award winners. 

Our Judge, Barbara Schilling, had this to say—What wonderful work! For such a small show the level work was grand. I loved the creative diversity. Whether intentional or intuitive the story projected in a work of art is really what art is all about. It is the energy or story that draws us in and holds us captive. It was hard not to choose more award winners. There were so many great “stories”.


Diane Sanderson, What Are You Looking At?—What a precious moment! Everything works together—design and value structure. Bobbi Kilty, Piaggio Ape’—Skillful handling of the medium. Beautiful use of color! Katerie Prior, Autumn Evening—Soothing and peaceful. A moment of stillness captured. Very sensitive use of color. Chance Liscomb, Enigma—Strength is felt in the solid balance and symmetry of this. Love the shadow it casts! Lisabeth Curnow, Snowy Feast—The circular design of this gives a sense of community. It feels protective and sheltered. Nice handling on the drawing.


Deb Drew Brown, Antelope Canyon—This piece has such a powerful design. The flow of the hills, the muted, mysterious color palette, and the creative use of the medium all work so will together! Sandy Drew, Zebra Eye—I was immediately drawn into this painting. The abstract design is very pleasing. And far beyond the obvious implications of the focal point of the eye, it compels me to look deeper. Maureen Ryan, Just a Memory—Wonderful skills in telling a story. It begs me to ask “what lies beyond the horizon?” There is a powerful sense of memory. Young-Shill Roberts, Let’s Play a Tune—Beautiful execution of the medium. So skillfully handled. An intimate scene of everyday life. John Diephouse, In the Heartland—Well designed and wonderful capture. A story of a past day.

3RD PLACE: Jessica Kovan, After the Fire—This piece has a beautiful story about courage and hope. Rising above the destruction. Loved the texture and translucency of the medium.

2ND PLACE: Tammy VanderMolen, Strength in Rescue—The title says it so well. The strength of majesty is captured in this wonderful photo. The detail in the textures is so hypnotizing. Great capture!

1ST PLACE: Jaye Yoon, Yellow, Green and Blue—The longer I looked at this piece, the more I saw to love about it. There is a pastoral serenity but at the same time a wonderful motion created by the structure and positioning of the trees. It’s like feeling a gentle breeze on your face.