Arlene P.Bragg  2176 East Mount Hope Hwy.
Grand Ledge, MI 48837

An email came from someone who found portraits of his ancestors which his mother had  commissioned Arlene to do while she was in college at Syracuse University. Having forgotten them completely she was then reminded that she had been doing portraits ever since. Arlene Bragg has been an artist her whole life, having been encouraged early on.

Back in Central N.Y. she studied to become an illustrator and changed to education, both of which have come to fruition. She is a published illustrator,  muralist, and elementary art teacher in public, parochial, and private settings. Grand Ledge has been her hometown  for the past 17 years where she is associated with the Ledge Craft Lane Gallery and the Strange School Art Program. Her most recent notoriety  has come from doing plein-air portraits in pastel at the Island Art Fair & Color Cruise (you may have seen her articles in the local papers… but she’s  not one to “brag”). She spends time with her three horses as part of  parade drill team.