All Creatures Great and Small – 2019 – Results

All Creatures Great and Small – Results

September 11 through October 30, 2019 at  Wheaton’s Framing and Art Gallery, 427 S. Jefferson St.  Mason, MI

Opening Reception was Sunday, September 22nd from 2:00 pm –4:00 pm

CONGRATULATIONS to all the winners of the MMAG show “All Creatures Great and Small”—Well Done!
1st Place: “The ‘Ride-Off’” by Young-Shill Roberts
2nd Place: “Zuri: Savannah Joy” by Jann Johnson Lardie
3rd Place: “We All love the Sea!” by Bobbie Margolis
Awards of Excellence: “Wildhearts” by Michelle Detering;“Turkish Tent” by Bobbi Kilty; “Nature’s Palette” by Deb Drew Brown;“Hide and Squeak” by Lisabeth Curnow; “Only He” by Steph Joy Hogan
Certificates of Merit: “Good Morning!” by Jane Cloutier; “Ostrich Chicks” by Susan Smith; “Little Buddy” by Judi Anderson Bogart; “Out on a Limb” by Sue Wittick; “Gobble, Gobble All the Way” by Patricia Woodman.