12 x 12 Member Show 2023 – Results

12×12 Member Show – Results

At Framer’s Edge, 1856 West Grand River Ave, Okemos, MI

CONGRATULATIONS  to all the award winners and to the four artists who have pieces sold or sales pending (John Diephouse, John Kroneman, John Gregg, and Christine Hesch) as of Sunday.   The show runs through Tuesday, June 27.

ART PICK UP is  Wednesday, June 28 from 10 am to 5 pm.

You can view the art on the Framer’s Edge website: https://www.framersedge.net/june-2023-mmag-12×12

12×12 SHOW RESULTS – judge Barb Hranilovich had this to say about the show:  “Wonderful range of media, playfulness, skill, and interpretation.  The 12×12″ format highlights the variety in the work.  All the work has heart – the rest comes with doing.”

Awards and comments:

First Place Award:  Trevor Roberson – “Spring Flowers” 

Traditional, but stretched with the wood texture and strong sense of atmosphere.  Red tulip ties the wood tones and the view point makes it feel like I just walked up to the scene.  The geometric vase plays against rhythms and details.  Highlight of the water’s edge lines up with the window dill – grounding.

Second Place Award:  Robert Evans – “Two Geese” 

Interesting on the several levels – textures, shapes, grid and reversals. Static, but slightly set above dead center. Distant and close-up bring out the different elements. Lots to busy the brain – but cohesive.

Third Place Award:  Lucy Synk – “Berries on Satin” 

Great control of limited palette and composition. Vibrant but not garish. Shape and placement of bowl – the one juicy strawberry holds court and gives the eye a place to rest. Suggestion of lace edge is just enough and not too much. I could eat those berries.

Awards of Excellence

Ruth Egnator – “Pidgin”  Bold statement tells a story, but enigmatic. Finger gesture is intriguing, eyes looking away from the book – at what? Nice use of positive and negative space. Stars > Birds like a story taking on a life. Fun.

Nicholas Tijerina – “Fishing”  Dead center placement of bird in a square could be deadly – but the strong curves in the bird and motion/values in the water play as counter points. Stylized without being cartoony. Nice limited palette.

Steph Joy Hogan – “A Delicate Area”  Refreshing palette – Playful! Leaf/feather forms ask for interpretation. Texture vs. simple, varied scale of texture elements.  World on world on world – Lots of reasons to ponder.

Lisabeth Curnow – “Life is but a Dream”  Makes me think of an E. M. Forster novel. The sunny meadow beckons. Solid use of value and atmospheric perspective.


Jane Cloutier – “Wheatfield – July”  Wide open expanse of the Midwest. Crisp horizon with painterly marks and just enough foreground detail to define the field. The green mat edge is an asset.

Nanette Mathe – “Tree of Life”  Lots of visual fodder and solid sense of design. Papers on the wings are lovely.

John Diephouse – “From Here to Eternity”  Nice interpretation of a stunning staircase. Love the value shifts in the negative spaces.

Melinda Pope – “Remainders”  Lovely conversation among the mini studies of surfaces. Each piece holds its own, but plays nicely and becomes stronger with the others.

Gallerist Award (chosen by the Gallery)

Lisabeth Curnow – “Life is but a Dream”