12 x 12 Member Show 2021 – Results

12×12 Member Show
May 26 – June 30, 2021, Framer’s Edge, 1856 West Grand River Ave, Okemos, MI

PICK UP ARTWORK Wednesday, June 30 from 10 am to 5 pm.

Congratulations to all the winners of the Mid Michigan Art Guild 14th Annual 12×12 Show!

Judge Pamela Wilburn had this to say about the MMAG 2021 12×12 Show:

Very diverse in style and medium. The square is the most difficult in terms of composition, but everyone rose to the challenge and mastered the space. Beautiful collection of art made my job very difficult.

FIRST PLACE: “Lothar von Richthofen vs Augustus Orlebar over France, March 13, 1918” by Stephen Foster. The perspective and composition is what first drew me into the painting. That along with the technical ability to reproduce the scene. Beautiful sky and distant horizon. Beautifully done.

SECOND PLACE: “Carriage for Hire” by John Diephouse”. Beautiful capture of the light on especially the little girl. I saw her second, but she quickly becomes the center of attention.

THIRD PLACE: “Just Add Hot” by Andrea Jeris. Great composition and contrast plus the technical ability to handle the medium.


“Light of Day” by Steph Joy Hogan. Wonderful surrealistic work. The path of the paper airplane unites the graphic top half with the more linear and organic bottom half.

“The Bride’s Bouquet” by Bobbie Margolis. Unusual use of collage materials. Great combination of flat and sculpted areas.

“Heading in for the Evening” by Arlene Bragg. It’s all about the light! The unimportant background is left dark and simple only allowing light to peek through in a few places.

“After the Party” by Melinda Pope. Abstracted quality of paper. Great diagonal composition and depth. The design takes you deep into the work.


“Charles” by Carolyn Texera. Nice mood with limited palette. Shows the artist’s knowledge of the human face and emotions.

And CONGRATS to Jann Johnson Lardie whose painting “Beach Trail” has sold!

See the show in person at Framers Edge Gallery or most of the entries online at https://www.framersedge.net/mmag-12-x-12-show-2021