MMAG Small Works Show 2022 – Results

MMAG Small Works Show, 2022
January 1, 2022 – February 1, 2022  –  at Absolute Gallery, 307 E Cesar E. Chavez Ave, Lansing

PICK UP ARTWORK Tuesday-Thursday, February 1-3, 11:00 am to 7:00 pm.

Congratulations to all the winners!
Judge’s comments on the show—Thank you for giving me the privilege of judging the MMAG Member Show. I was impressed by the quality, the works, and variety of media and subjects. The decisions were not easy. I enjoyed viewing each and every piece. Great talent! Carry on. 
—Susan Hardie, Judge
First Place: Frosty Morning by Kelly Ingleright-Telenholf. Communicates a captivating ambiance of calm. Lovely color selection and layering of media achieving visual depth and a sense of mystery.
Second Place: Circe by Stephanie Gregg. Captivating combination of line, imagery, and figurative detail. Mixed media is varied but communicates a unified message.
Third Place: Shell on Striped Cloth by Carolyn Texera. Color is striking! Subject is like the ocean at rest. Technically outstanding. Appearing almost monochromatic but full of color in the shadows. Compositionally balanced, folds of fabric communicate an intimacy of subject.
Awards of Excellence
Fox Leap by Jane Cloutier. Whimsical! Beautiful clean design combining clear graph imagery contrasted against rhythmic and textural background. Lovely.
Putting It Together by Joy Schroeder. Striking combination of mixed media using recycled pieces. Appealing. Almost feels calligraphic in composition. Creative repurposing of materials realized through a closer look.
Taste of Summer by Young-Shill Roberts. Lovely miniature painting with amazing color to achieve the message of the extraordinary beauty found in the ordinary.
Certificates of Merit
Remembering November by John Diephouse. Yes, the title suits the piece, The image transports me to “place.” One feels the chill in the air. Lovely compositional balance leading the viewer to the focal point in the sea.
Fenner Fall by Maureen Ryan. A nostalgic piece. Soft color. Lovely atmospheric perspective. Beautiful overlapping visual spaces.
Three Pears by Juanita Baldwin. Energy! Great textures combined with saturated color harmonies to produce an energized capture of the extraordinary in the ordinary.
The Gallerist Award – whenever a retail gallery hosts an MMAG show the Guild purchases a $100 gift certificate from the gallery to be presented as an award. The host gallery chooses the recipient of this award. Kathy Holcomb, owner of Absolute Gallery has bestowed the Small Works Gallerist award to “Storm Freighter” by Francie Dittrich. Congratulations Francie!

Images from the 2022 MMAG Small Works Show: