12 x 12 Member Show 2020 – Results

12×12 Member Show
June 23 -July 27, 2020, Framer’s Edge, 1856 West Grand River Ave, Okemos, MI

PICK UP ARTWORK Mon, July 27 from 10 am to 5 pm

Congratulations to all the winners!
Comments on the show in general—
   The show was impressive and had a great mixture of media and subject matter. The only thing lacking seemed to be male participants. 
   Composition was strong throughout the entire show and the intelligent use of color was the most satisfying principle to witness.
   The paintings looked well thought out and original. Even those which were clearly painted from photographs were handled in a fresh artistic manner. 
   The mixed media entries were especially exciting. Understanding the property of each element and having the vision and skill to turn those elements into art was a joy to see.
    The photography, in nearly every case told a clear story and used the available color to its maximum advantage.
1st Place: Jane Cloutier, “Pears in a Bowl” – Linocut
‘Pears in a Bowl’ uses excellent graphic design working hand in hand with fine art. The use of repeated shapes and lines unifies the picture as a whole. The large pears are echoed in the background tree, and a small bird is formed from the same shape as the leaves. Straight lines repeat vertically, while curved lines repeat horizontally, again design in action. An elegant color scheme of green, gold and black sets a quiet overall mood.  
2nd Place: Young-Shill Roberts, “Garden Whispers” – Oil
There is a beautiful rhythm within ‘Garden Whispers’. Soft flowers form a unified band, with a single Iris, left-of-center, in sharp focus. With a strong composition, great color harmony and excellent use of hard and soft edges the painting checks all the boxes of an outstanding work of art.  
3rd Place: Melinda Pope, “First Light” – Mixed Media
The batik like background of ‘First Light’ works well with the foreground trees. Violet and gold washes, transform the black silhouette of a common woodlot into an inspired landscape. The trunks lean inward giving the sensation you’re far below on the forest floor gazing upward. A simple color scheme is the perfect solution to this complex web of trunks, limbs, and twigs.
AWARDS OF EXCELLENCE – Susan Smith, “Hydrangeas” – Acrylic.  An automatic eye catcher. Seemingly simple, but truly a complex study in colors and values. An excellent example of seeing past the obvious. One needs to step back to get the full affect. 
Bobbie Margolis, “Sunlit Flowers” – Mixed Media.  Dimensional, tactile, colorful and fun. A piece that invites a closer look. Excellent color combinations and relationships.
Shu-Hsien Wang, “Autumn Leaves” – Photography.  Visually stunning. A photo which reads like an abstract painting. ‘Autumn Leaves’ combines a solid composition with nature’s limited palette of gold, blue and black to create a glorious image.  
Stephanie Gregg, “Holding Together” – Mixed Media Collage.  Simply magical. Terrific use of color to separate fish from female. A piece which suggests an underlying story.
Lisabeth Curnow, “Libby’s View” – Watercolor.  Excellent composition with a strong lead-in. The crowded sky balances the emptiness of the beach. Nearly a two color painting ties everything together nicely.
CERTIFICATES OF MERIT – Anita Brett, “…and justice for all” – Oil.  The excellent craftsmanship displayed in the portrait could have placed this piece among the top 3 awards. However, the typography seemed to lack the same amount of skill and care.  
Maureen Ryan, “Unresolved” – Mixed Media.  Although the portrait in ‘Unresolved’ is stylized, it has a strong lifelike feel. The head tilts and the eyes catch your gaze. The two-tone complimentary color scheme, with words flowing beneath the surface give the piece an illustrative quality reminiscent of the 70’s. 
Sue Wittick, “The Tourist Experience” – Photography.  The perfect title. Without actually showing a single tourist the photo is filled with their desires. The crowded picture space also hints at crowded beaches.
Framer’s Edge new website: https://www.framersedge.net/mmag12x12show

This show will remain on exhibit through July 26th.