12 x 12 Member Show 2019 – results

12×12 Member Show – Results
June  1 through June 28, 2019 at Framer’s Edge, 1856 West Grand River Ave, Okemos, MI

The weather kept a few people away from MMAG’s 12th Annual 12×12 Show reception on Saturday! But the hearty souls who braved the weather had a great time.

In addition to our usual awards, MMAG has created a new award, the GALLERIST award, a gift certificate we purchased from the gallery which was awarded by the gallery staff. They were all involved in the decision (without knowledge and completely separate of the judge’s decisions). One of the Framer’s Edge staff said a few words and presented the award to Steph Hogan for Planetary Neighborhood.
MMAG 12 x 12 Show May 30, 2019
Judge: Barbara Hranilovich
Comments on the show in general: 
Nice range of medium and approach—whimsical, realistic, thoughtful. I tend to be drawn to pieces that tell me a story or make me look at things in a new way, or feel something. I respect technique, but want more than competence—composition, color, distortion, marks, lighting can all be used to intrigue and tell about. Art can be of or about. I like about.
1st Place: Jane Cloutier – Tulips
These tulips have vitality. A traditionally stiff medium has escaped its bounds. Great sense of calligraphy. Limited palette tells us where to look. This stayed at the top spot for the duration of my time with the work.
2nd Place: Steph Hogan – Planetary Neighborhood
The color, marks, and shapes are consistent in creating this whimsical world. It draws from a distance and continues to offer levels of interest as one moves in for a closer and closer look

3rd Place: Nancy Kremsreiter – Uukkcunit
The figure looks us in the eye and the fur forms a halo. Strong composition and control of value. The beauty of this piece lies in the sumptuous marks—brilliant control of a medium that often seems stiff. Would love to see this artist take a small (or larger) step away from the reference.
1. Keep Your Face to the Sun – Beth Curnow
Strong composition and sense of light. Sensitively done lips. Downcast eyes make me wonder what she’s thinking. Would like to see more variety in the hair marks to break up the band—color or value—bit of spark that would tie in to the strong light below.
2. Fairy Lights – Tammy VanderMolen
I liked the different sizes and focus levels of the lights. Evocative. The values hold at a distance. Changing detail levels as the viewer nears.
3. Happy Dwali – Kusum Kumar
This is a lovely study of color theory and composition/atmospheric perspective. There’s a lot of thought and effort here and I appreciate the attempt to home the eye.
4. Beautiful Day – Oksun Kim
Nice color, composition, abstraction marks. I want more—why is this scene worthy—draw the viewer across the bridge, tuck in a surprise . . . what’s it about? Break some rules.
5. Notre Dame – Young-Shil Roberts
Good control of detail and color to move the eye and offer a glimpse of the oft-painted building. The tower dailes are inviting—something to explore.
1. Inference of an Iris—Deb Drew Brown
Nice composition and negative space. Technique is interesting. I’d love to see some bit of lighter value or color. Lovely textures.
2. Superior View—Rebecca Case
The front facet of dune has mass and pulls the eye up and over the hill toward the water. Makes me feel like I just arrived in my car, finally at the lake.
I also want to thank the people who had registered but did not show up for check-in for emailing or texting me and letting me know they weren’t coming. I very much appreciated that.
And, as always, thanks to all our volunteers!

A great show – such variety!

Some of the prize-winners, and some closeups: