MMAG Member Shows 2017–2018


October-Wheaton Gallery, Mason
December-Okemos Library Gallery, Okemos
February-Keys to Creativity, Lansing Mall
April-Framer's Edge, Okemos

Past MMAG Member Shows 2016–2017

May: 12x12 Show

October - All Member Show: Absolute Gallery, Old Town, Lansing

Jan/Feb-MICA Gallery, Old Town


MMAG Plein Aire


June 2017

MMAG Member Challenges 2017-2018


MMAG's first meeting of the 2017-18 season will be Sept 21. To inspire creativity in our members we propose challenges each month. The piece must be created new for the challenge, not an old piece that fits the criteria. Here are the 2017-18 challenges:


Sept * Close up
Be inspired by Georgia O'Keefe and her flower paintings, or perhaps what you'd see in an eye, a raindrop, or maybe a bugs-eye view.

Oct * The Colorful Challenge
The idea is to choose a black and white reference and turn it into color. Take a subject and make it as unexpected as possible - trying not to use colors that have much to do with the subject. Show the lights and shadows in different colors rather than darker and lighter versions of the normal color of the object.

Nov * The Dinner Party
Works of art inspired by the mysterious and sensual aspects of gastronomy, within a total environment that evokes the festive and convivial spirit of group dinners (The Last Supper, Renoir's "Luncheon of the Boating Party", Norman Rockwell, "Freedom from Want").

Feb * Through a door or window
Looking through, inside looking out or outside looking in. Maybe look up Andrew Wyeth, Carlos San Milan, Matisse, and Hopper.

Glass is a real challenge to paint. Maybe try putting something behind glass, and let it be distorted. Feel free to try a single item of glass, or many. Up to you.

Apr * The Get Loose Challenge
Take a small canvas/panel and divide it into four. Choose a simple composition, any subject, still life recommended. Paint it the first time (top, left) tightly - with crisp edges. For the second section (top, right), paint the same subject, a little looser. Experiment with how your process might change to make it so. In the third section go even looser! And in the fourth, see if you can make your scene so loose, it almost doesn't hold together anymore.

Paint Ins


Paint In will be held monthly


Okemos Library Community room, Okemos Library


Thursday, September, 7, 1:35-4:30
Thursday, October, 5, 1:30-4:30
Thursday, November, 2,1:30-4:3


Past Paint Ins

February - First Paint In

MMAG Outreach


MMAG participated in the MSU Art's Council, "CreativeCollaboration"

Mina Greco Hall


Mina Greco Hall has been included in one of the most prestigious Italian nation-wide magazines, "VERNICE", published in Torino. It is a literary and artistic journal, and Mina's book entitled From Italy to America with Love was mentioned in it along with references about her artistic life.

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Booking Foster


at Okemos Library

Awards went to the art of the following artists:

1st place Karen Miller

2nd place Soojin Ryu

3rd place Jann Lardie

Honorable Mentions: Lisabeth Curnow, Katherine Erickson,
Sandra Enness, Susan Newcom
Francis Dittrich

Merit Award Young Shill Roberts, Okay Kim

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