12X12 Show

Judged by Deb VanDeusen
Her comments:

Deb VanDeusen’s Comments about the Entire Show:
" The entire show is a delight! Seeing artists’ work, in a group setting is like talking and sharing with a gathering of friends. Thank you very much for this opportunity."


Certificates of Merit from 6th to 1st in Reverse order of the judge’s decisions


6th Scott Fergus
“Zane 2017”
He created this bold piece of art and it is well choreographed.


5th Melinda Pope
“Fire and Water”
This piece has a beautiful sense of color and it is well composed.


4th Soojin Ryu
“First Light”
“First Light” has a wonderful, nostalgic feel to it.


3rd Oksun Kim
“Spring of the Feast”
I really liked her use of complimentary color in this piece.


2nd Barbara Walworth
“On Edge”
Perfect use of 12x12 confines and a very creative piece.


1st Saralee Howard
“Ask, Seek, Knock”
Mysterious use of materials and allows the viewer to revisit the piece for new information.


Honorable Mentions from 5th to 1st in Reverse order of judge’s choices


5th Carolyn Texera
“Blue Glass on Stripes”
This piece showed a lovely use of light and color.


4th Michelle Detering
It was a lovely transformation from photograph to a piece of finished work.


3rd Andrea Jeris
“The Flower Vendor”
This piece has a wonderful use of light and color.


2nd Joy Schroeder
“A Leave of Presence”
This piece had an unusual approach to watercolor.


1st Juanita Baldwin
It was a simple piece; nothing profound, but a delightfully easy watercolor to enjoy.


Top 3 Places


Third Place:
Nancy Kremsreiter
It was more than a well-drawn piece. The work was inviting. The markings were compelling and easy to get lost in.


Second Place:
David Annis
“Sonja in the Machine”
A compelling piece that I returned to again and again.


First Place:
Bobbie Margolis
“The Song of the Roses”
This piece is so well suited for the 12x12 confine; it was well crafted with a wink and a nod to art. I wanted to see more of the artist’s work.

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